Fazil Manzil

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This is the house, called Fazil Manzil, where Hazrat Inayat Khan lived for several years, and where Pir Vilayat also has lived.

It is difficult to put in words, or to capture in photos, the atmosphere of this place. I will illustrate one aspect, by way of a vision inspired by this atmosphere. The town of Suresnes is on a hill across he river Seine from Paris. When you look out toward Paris, you see a vast city occupying the flood plain with the Tour Eiffel rising as a beacon. Paris literally appears to be at the center of the world. Standing at Fazil Manzil, it is like being at an esoteric center of the world, in symmetry with the center of the world represented by Paris, like twin stars, where one is visible ( Paris ) and the other is actually providing the energy ( Fazil Manzil ) to the system. One feels oneself to be at the center of a great emanation of spirtual energy, giving life to the world, and holding it together.