Boston/Jamaica Plain, MA

Sema: The Art of Listening with the Heart

Hollow Reed School, 93 Sedgwick St., Jamaica Plain, MA

Saturdays Sept. 16th, Oct. 28th, Jan. 13th, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

We will share in an afternoon of music, sacred chant, poetry, story and Sufi teachings led by area teachers and musicians.

Drawn to Remembrance of the deeper source of ourselves we will seek to be uplifted and aligned with grace and wholeness.

The themes of our gathering will be Love, Harmony and Beauty.
"In the religion of love, music is union; sometimes it's the question, sometimes the solution."- Mas'ud

The September 16th Sema will also be acknowledging the September 13th anniversary of the day Hazrat Inayat Khan left India to bring the Sufi Message to the West, called Hejerat Day, and the Urs of Pirzadi Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, who passed on that day fighting for liberty against fascism.

The Sema will be guided by Naima Khabira Brown, Qalbi Tucker, Hermione Garland, and Aqil Brown.

Followed by a potluck or tea and snacks, TBA.

Donations gratefully received.

Contact Naima Khabira Brown at inayatiorder

Private Guided Meditation Retreats

Senior Sufi Teacher & Retreat Guide (36 years) Saphira Linden is offering individually guided retreats by Saphira and other Sufi Retreat Guides for any length of time (1-30 days) in a Sufi Retreat Center in Jamaica Plain. For more information call (617) 522-8300 or (617) 522-4181.